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one of the upright supports of a bedstead.
bedposts, Bowling. a split in which the seven and ten pins remain standing.
Contemporary Examples

But a dashing, magnetic fifty-eight-year-old matinee idol with three ex-wives notched on his bedpost?
How to Get Over Cary Grant Kara Cutruzzula September 24, 2011

Historical Examples

Her father’s voice broke in on her musings, “that rope is caught round the bedpost.”
The Making of Mona Mabel Quiller-Couch

He pulled his watch from the pocket of his vest, hanging on the bedpost.
In the Midst of Alarms Robert Barr

And Chatzkele, for all the notice he took, might have been as deaf as the bedpost.
Yiddish Tales Various

My companion stood gripping the bedpost and fumbling at his holster.
The Cavalier George Washington Cable

In her haste she drops her handkerchief, which Rodolpho picks up and hangs over the bedpost.
The Complete Opera Book Gustav Kobb

I dream about it nights and wake up with my arms around the bedpost.
The Depot Master Joseph C. Lincoln

But no weakling broke off that bedpost in Henry M. Gillespie’s room.
Average Jones Samuel Hopkins Adams

Surely the fellow did not tie her up to the bedpost before leaving the house!
Victory Joseph Conrad

And betwixt you and me and the bedpost, ma’am, whoever hath Miss Dolly will have to ride to London on this here scythe.
Springhaven R. D. Blackmore

any of the four vertical supports at the corners of a bedstead
(informal) between you and me and the bedpost, confidentially; in secret

also bed-post, 1590s, from bed (n.) + post (n.1).


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