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Bed stone

the fixed lower member of a pair of millstones.
Compare runner (def 12).
Historical Examples

The one on the bottom was called the bed stone and the upper one the runner.
Legends of the Skyline Drive and the Great Valley of Virginia Carrie Hunter Willis

On the south side of it the bed stone had been formed into a shallow trough.
Burial Mounds of the Northern Sections of the United States Cyrus Thomas

The corn or other grain to be crushed is thrown into a groove which surrounds the hole in the bed stone.
Shifts and Expedients of Camp Life, Travel & Exploration W. B. Lord

A bed stone, slightly convex, is capped by a running stone somewhat concave.
Shifts and Expedients of Camp Life, Travel & Exploration W. B. Lord

Mill A represents a view, and mill B a section of the bed stone and curb.
A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines Andrew Ure


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