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a rubiaceous plant, Galium verum, or some allied species, formerly used as straw for stuffing mattresses.
Historical Examples

It feeds on bedstraw, in June and July, and a second brood occurs in September.
The Moths of the British Isles, Second Series Richard South

It feeds at night on bedstraw (Galium), in the spring to May, after hibernation.
The Moths of the British Isles, Second Series Richard South

Chafe Litter is he that wyll plucke vp the Fether-bed or Matrice, and pysse in the bedstraw, and wyl neuer ryse vncalled.
The Rogues and Vagabonds of Shakespeare’s Youth John Awdeley

By way of the lower heaven of bedstraw blooms the eye rises easily to the forest of jewel-weeds.
Old Plymouth Trails Winthrop Packard

The grassy track, so gay with scabious and bedstraw, was snow-white at the bottom of its ruts.
The Longest Journey E. M. Forster

It feeds on goose-grass (Galium aparine), and other kinds of bedstraw, in May and early June.
The Moths of the British Isles, Second Series Richard South

It feeds at night on bedstraw, and various low-growing herbage, including grass.
The Moths of the British Isles, Second Series Richard South

Lady in names of flowers such as lady’s bedstraw, lady’s garter, lady’s slipper, is for Our Lady.
The Romance of Words (4th ed.) Ernest Weekley

Three of the four belong to the bedstraw genus (Galium), in which the corolla is wheel-shaped.
Field and Woodland Plants William S. Furneaux

It feeds, at night, in August and September, on bedstraw growing in dry places.
The Moths of the British Isles, First Series Richard South

any of numerous rubiaceous plants of the genus Galium, which have small white or yellow flowers and prickly or hairy fruits: some species formerly used as straw for beds as they are aromatic when dry See also lady’s bedstraw


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