John of Lancaster, Duke of, 1389–1435, English regent of France.
a city in N Texas.
a city in NE Ohio, near Cleveland.
a city in S Indiana.
a city in NE Massachusetts.
former name of North Bedfordshire.
Contemporary Examples

Nina Strochlic reports on the new documentary ‘Mothers of Bedford.’
‘Mothers of Bedford’: New Documentary on Mothers in Prison Nina Strochlic November 12, 2011

Later that night, Huntsman had to push his way into a house party in Bedford—where 40 guests had been expected but 250 showed up.
Mitt’s Nightmare Scenario in New Hampshire Lois Romano January 8, 2012

So sayeth Mike Tyson, the menacing and troubled warrior from the mean streets of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.
The Art of Strategy: Or How to Fight and Lead Better James A. Warren December 29, 2013

At the corner of Gates and Bedford, Short Cut, who was several yards ahead of us, held up his fist.
The Amazing Superheroes of New York City Matthew Shaer August 6, 2011

His “nose was always in the want ads,” finding it hard to land a job in Bedford, Ind., a small town of under 14,000.
Powerball Winners on Being Filthy Rich Caitlin Dickson November 26, 2012

Historical Examples

Bedford House, the town residence of the Dukes of Bedford, stood until 1800.
Maps of Old London Anonymous

He had active supporters in the town of Bedford and among the gentlemen of the county.
Bunyan James Anthony Froude

Lane, with his two comrades, spent three days at a barracks-hospital for soldiers in Bedford Park.
The Day of the Beast Zane Grey

His license as pastor of the Baptist chapel at Bedford was issued on the 9th.
Bunyan James Anthony Froude

Bedford realized this by and by, and tried to patch up his mistake by crowning his King; but what good could that do?
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc Mark Twain

a town in SE central England, in Bedfordshire, on the River Ouse; administrative centre of Bedford unitary authority. Pop: 82 488 (2001)
a unitary authority of SE central England. Pop: 154 900 (2007 est). Area: 480 sq km (185 sq miles)
short for Bedfordshire
David. 1937–2011, British composer, influenced by rock music
Duke of, title of John of Lancaster. 1389–1435, son of Henry IV of England: protector of England and regent of France (1422–35)

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