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to deck out; array.
Historical Examples

Their little souls were white as new-fallen snow and bedight with indulgences and prayers.
The Path of Life Stijn Streuvels

For thy coat of mail, bedight In thy spotless robe of white.
Rienzi Edward Bulwer Lytton

Then went with her thither / full many a beauteous maid, A hundred good or over, / bedight right merrily.
The Nibelungenlied Unknown

Within the court the heroes / bedight with trappings due Awaited noble maidens, / as I have told to you.
The Nibelungenlied Unknown

verb -dights, -dighting, -dight, -dighted
(transitive) to array or adorn
(past participle of the verb) adorned or bedecked

“equip, furnish,” c.1400, from be- + dight (q.v.). Related: Bedighted; bedighting.


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