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an Arab of the desert, in Asia or Africa; nomadic Arab.
a nomad; wanderer.
of, relating to, or characteristic of the Bedouin.
Contemporary Examples

Some Bedouin are involved in smuggling into the Gaza Strip and have become partners with Hamas in breaking the siege.
Al Qaeda’s New Sinai Front Bruce Riedel August 21, 2011

Israel has always tried to dictate to the Bedouin how they may live, with little or no input from members of the actual community.
Half of Israeli Jews Oppose Bedouin Bill Once They Know the Facts Emily L. Hauser June 24, 2013

Soon after Israel was founded, the government forcibly transferred more Bedouin to the area.
What the Prawer Plan Says About Israel’s Character Emily L. Hauser December 3, 2013

Israel recently advanced legislation calling for tens of thousands of Bedouin citizens to be uprooted and dispossessed.
New Bill Threatens Bedouin Rights in Israel Rabbi Joyce Galaski May 23, 2013

Many of the Bedouin and Christians, especially, are doing their best to distance themselves from the violence.
Israelis and Arabs Shaken by the Aftershock of Teen Murders Miranda Frum July 6, 2014

Historical Examples

Then the little heap of sand was raised, and four stone slabs were placed, according to Bedouin custom, upon the grave.
The Days of Mohammed Anna May Wilson

The Bedouin Arabs are the principal and best known of such races.
Chaldea Znade A. Ragozin

Secondly, we have the Arabs proper, a decidedly later importation into the country than the Bedouin.
Southern Arabia Theodore Bent

There is no such word in the Bedouin vocabulary, no such feeling in the Bedouin breast.
The Boy Slaves Mayne Reid

Mohammed Dukhi, noble though he is in point of blood, is not a fine specimen of a great Bedouin Sheykh.
A Pilgrimage to Nejd, Vol. 1 [of 2] Anne Blunt

(pl) -ins, -in. a member of any of the nomadic tribes of Arabs inhabiting the deserts of Arabia, Jordan, and Syria, as well as parts of the Sahara
a wanderer or rover
of or relating to the Bedouins
wandering or roving

c.1400, from Old French bedüin (Modern French bédouin), from colloquial Arabic badawin “desert-dwellers,” plural of badawi, from badw “desert, camp.” The Arabic plural suffix was mistaken for part of the word. A word from the Crusades, it probably was lost in English and then reborrowed from French c.1600. As an adjective from 1844.


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