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Geology. unbroken solid rock, overlaid in most places by soil or rock fragments.
bottom layer; lowest stratum.
any firm foundation or basis:
Technical courses will be founded on a bedrock of sound, general education so as to produce a well-rounded engineer.
the fundamental principles, as of a teaching, belief, or science:
Let’s strip away the cant and get down to bedrock.
basic; fundamental.
Contemporary Examples

“We know more about bedrock than we do about most other vineyards on account of the people who owned it,” Peterson explained.
The Pleasures of America’s Oldest Vines Jordan Salcito February 21, 2014

Our bedrock Judeo-Christian values are being undermined by secular modernity, it would seem.
Polygamy, the Bible’s Ultimate Family Value Joel Baden December 21, 2013

Stare decisis is, after all, the bedrock principle of the rule of law.
John Roberts Is Just a Liar Michael Tomasky June 17, 2012

Obama will need to take bold action to remedy what threatens to be a bedrock shift in perception against him.
In Wake of Surveillance Stories, Barack Obama’s Poll Numbers Plummet John Avlon June 16, 2013

Mullen has crafted his argument on a bedrock military value: integrity.
Inside the Pentagon’s DADT War Jamie McIntyre November 4, 2010

Historical Examples

Weakened as he was, his perception told him that the ship had buried itself deep in a swamp until it rested on bedrock.
The Short Life Francis Donovan

Such a belief was indeed the bedrock of mediaeval political thought.
Progress and History Various

You fetch a person down to the bedrock, as Grandsir Penlyn used to say, and then they know where they be.
The Children’s Book of Thanksgiving Stories Various

The bedrock on which they fought was slippery where ice had formed in the crevices.
A Man to His Mate J. Allan Dunn

Nobody valued Jimmy’s intellect, but every one had been prepared to repose securely on the bedrock of his prejudices.
Quisant Anthony Hope

the solid unweathered rock that lies beneath the loose surface deposits of soil, alluvium, etc
basic principles or facts (esp in the phrase get down to bedrock)
the lowest point, level, or layer

also bed-rock, 1850, from bed (n.) + rock (n.). Figurative use by 1869; as an adjective by 1881.
The solid rock that lies beneath the soil and other loose material on the Earth’s surface.


: a bedrock discussion/ bedrock decision


The asi facts; the crucial elements; the BOTTOM LINE, the NITTY-GRITTY

[1870s+; fr bedrock ”the solid rock underlying strata and detritus”]

A C++ class library for Macintosh user interface portability.


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