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an outer covering, usually decorative, for a bed.
Contemporary Examples

Now Galt scrambled out of the bathtub and threw the still-warm Gamemaster and his other belongings into the bedspread.
Exclusive Excerpt: MLK’s Haunting Final Hours Hampton Sides April 23, 2010

A pattern that would be beautiful on a bedspread fabric, but here tells a story of loss so heartbreaking we can barely look.
Inside a Home Funeral Melissa Roberts Weidman February 4, 2013

Historical Examples

His thin fingers tapped on the bedspread, and, like Colonel Newcome, he awaited the Schoolmaster’s final call.
Charles Frohman: Manager and Man Isaac Frederick Marcosson and Daniel Frohman

She took the fleshless hand, kissed it, and laid it on the bedspread.
Special Messenger Robert W. Chambers

He smiled with difficulty and made signs with his hand lying limply on the bedspread.
Atlantis Gerhart Hauptmann

She was still lying with her head buried in the bedspread when Kosloff returned.
The Moon Colony William Dixon Bell

And there was her own bedspread again, “the music of the spheres,” placed there in honor of her return.
Our Little Quebec Cousin Mary S. Saxe

But, undoubtedly, for bedspread purposes, there is nothing like the pinks or the blues.
Needlework Economies Various

Only when the Nurse gave a final pat to the bedspread she spoke.
Love Stories Mary Roberts Rinehart

The bedspread is worked in small diamonds, which are joined together by over-sewing.
Needlework Economies Various

a top cover on a bed over other bedclothes

also bed-spread, 1845, American English, from bed (n.) + spread (n.).


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