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Bedtime story

a story told to a child at bedtime.
Contemporary Examples

It is a bedtime story for adults, filled with first names only—Jack and Polly, Jane and Jean, Asa and Madge, Luke and Annie.
This Week’s Hot Reads: March 30, 2012 Jimmy So April 1, 2012

Amazon’s new wireless reading device is sleeker, faster—and will even tell you a bedtime story.
Meet the Kindle 2 Sara Nelson February 8, 2009

I changed him into his pajamas and I read him a bedtime story.
Daily Beast Readers React to YouTube Stillborn Baby Memorials Brandy Zadrozny November 11, 2013

It can take pictures at get-togethers, organize your appointments, and even read your child a bedtime story.
Competitive Eaters, Breaking Bad in Space, and More Viral Videos Alex Chancey July 18, 2014

And, when Brian has trouble sleeping, he requests that Larry read him a bedtime story.
A Look Back at ‘Gigli,’ the Infamous Bennifer-Starring Film, on Its 10th Anniversary Marlow Stern July 31, 2013

Historical Examples

The bedtime story is a definite institution in many families.
Vocational Guidance for Girls Marguerite Stockman Dickson

Then always a few pages of the diary kept by the late Herr Wilner were read as a bedtime story.
The Dark Star Robert W. Chambers

They almost drowned out the first of the bedtime story with their excited voices.
The Campfire Girls on Station Island Margaret Penrose

Jessie and Henrietta were upstairs in Jessies room listening to the bedtime story.
The Campfire Girls on Station Island Margaret Penrose

Since then many a bedtime story by the hearth-fire has been told of that spot, which to this day is known as Breakfast Hill.
Some Three Hundred Years Ago Edith Gilman Brewster


Simplistic explanation, often condescending: don’t want to hear your little bedtime story


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