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the small, triangular, edible nut of the beech.
Historical Examples

The grove already had an ample quota of beechnut harvesters of high and low degree.
The Duck-footed Hound James Arthur Kjelgaard

He did not want the beechnut; but he did want to nose it out.
Wood Folk at School William J. Long

You must only give him the paper,” said beechnut, “and not tell him any thing about the case yourself.
Stuyvesant Jacob Abbott

The story is a chapter or two of beechnut, best of the Franconia books.
Forgotten Tales of Long Ago E. V. Lucas

Malleville, in obedience to beechnut’s directions, after putting her lamp upon the stand, went directly to her bed and lay down.
Forgotten Tales of Long Ago E. V. Lucas

Now, Phonny,” said beechnut, “you can have your choice either to work or play.
Stuyvesant Jacob Abbott

Then beechnut began to sing the first verse of the song to a very lively and a pretty tune.
Forgotten Tales of Long Ago E. V. Lucas

During this conversation, beechnut had been busily employed in yoking up the oxen.
Stuyvesant Jacob Abbott

The first was,” said beechnut, “making a dispute with Malleville, by appealing to me to decide whether you were childish.
Stuyvesant Jacob Abbott

Why you ought to have the most skill,” said beechnut—“coming from such a great city.
Stuyvesant Jacob Abbott

the small brown triangular edible nut of the beech tree. Collectively, the nuts are often termed beech mast, esp when lying on the ground


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