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a yeoman of the English royal guard or a warder of the Tower of London.
Informal. an Englishman.
a person who eats beef.
Historical Examples

So they would have stood forever, if the beefeater hadn’t come in and commanded them, in the queen’s name, to drop their weapons.
The Librarian at Play Edmund Lester Pearson

The beefeater before the door of the Lady Mary’s lodgings spat upon the ground when he had passed.
The Fifth Queen Ford Madox Ford

a nickname often applied to the Yeomen of the Guard and the Yeomen Warders at the Tower of London

“warder of the Tower of London,” 1670s, a contemptuous reference to well-fed servants of the royal household; the notion is of “one who eats another’s beef” (cf. Old English hlaf-æta “servant,” literally “loaf-eater”).


An Englishman; limey

[1600s+; fr the preeminence of beef, esp roast beef, in the traditional English diet]


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