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one of a breed of fast-growing beef cattle of the western U.S., tolerant of humidity, heat, and insects, developed by crossbreeding Brahman, Hereford, and Shorthorn stock.


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  • Beef injection

    beef injection noun phrase (also hot beef injection) The sex act; penile penetration; bop, screw: Maybe she care to try my famous African beef injection/ He asked if my boyfriend had ever slipped me the hot beef injection [1980s+; fr beef, ”penis,” and injection, attested in this sense by the 1740s]

  • Beef on weck

    noun a sandwich made of sliced roast beef and horseradish on a hard roll covered with coarse grains of salt and caraway seed Examples Buffalo is proud to serve their famous beef on weck. Word Origin weck is short for kummelweck Usage Note cooking

  • Beef road

    noun (Austral) a road used for transporting cattle

  • Beefsteak

    a cut of beef for broiling, pan-frying, etc. Historical Examples Mr. Tuxbury would have helped the guests to beefsteak, and the rest of the family would have preferred the warmed-up veal stew. Jane Field Mary E. Wilkins Freeman I guessed everything I could think of, from cookies to beefsteak, and gave up. Eben Holden Irving […]

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