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Beer joint

beer joint

noun phrase

A tavern or bar serving primarily beer (1940s+)
Historical Examples

People’d drive up to a beer joint, go in, get in a scuffle an’—bingo!
The Ambulance Made Two Trips William Fitzgerald Jenkins


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  • Beer nut

    noun a trademarked peanut snack served with its husk but no shell, in a sweet-and-salty glaze; also used generically for a peanut served with its husk but not the shell Examples In Australia, “beer nuts” are used as a generic description of roasted, salted peanuts sold shelled but unhusked. Word Origin 1950+ Usage Note cooking

  • Beer nuts

    a brand of tavern nuts.

  • Beer parlour

    noun (Canadian) a room in a tavern, hotel, etc in which beer is served

  • Beer pong

    a game in which two teams take turns throwing a Ping-Pong ball across a table, aiming to get it into one of the cups of beer at the opposing team’s end of the table, forcing their opponents to drink the beer. Contemporary Examples They stopped by The Daily Beast HQ to play some beer pong—and […]

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