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a city in Israel, near the N limit of the Negev desert: the southernmost city of ancient Palestine.
from Dan to Beersheba. Dan (def 5).
a partially reclaimed desert region and district in S Israel, bordering on the Sinai Peninsula. 4700 sq. mi. (12,173 sq. km).
Capital: Beersheba.
Historical Examples

You have been giving me to understand that your sinful rebellion at Beersheba was the worst that could be charged against you.
The Quickening Francis Lynde

After the exciting events of that evening, even Dan and Beersheba had lost their charm.
Betty Vivian L. T. Meade

I felt as if I had walked from Dan to Beersheba and been knocked down and robbed on the way.
The La Chance Mine Mystery Susan Carleton Jones

I pity the man who can travel from Dan to Beersheba, and cry, ”Tis all barren.’
Early Western Travels, 1748-1846 (Volume XXVI) Various

Straightway he forged an order on Beersheba for thirty yards of love-lock.
Cobwebs From an Empty Skull Ambrose Bierce (AKA: Dod Grile)

Journeying from Dan to Beersheba, and pricking through America on his way.
Sonia Between two Worlds Stephen McKenna

Wouldn’t the fact have been published from Dan to Beersheba, had the conversationists happened to have been a couple of women?
Caper-Sauce Fanny Fern

On the south are the wolds of the Negeb plateau, with the plains of Beersheba beyond.
Tent Work in Palestine Claude Reignier Conder

And to this day the very name Beersheba seems to emit a holy fragrance.
The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Joshua William Garden Blaikie

Beersheba, the home of Abraham; opposite the lower bay of the Dead Sea.
The Rand-McNally Bible Atlas Jesse L. Hurlbut

a town in S Israel: commercial centre of the Negev. In biblical times it marked the southern limit of Palestine. Pop: 183 000 (2003 est)
the S part of Israel, on the Gulf of Aqaba: a triangular-shaped semidesert region, with large areas under irrigation; scene of fighting between Israeli and Egyptian forces in 1948. Chief town: Beersheba. Area: 12 820 sq km (4950 sq miles)

well of the oath, or well of seven, a well dug by Abraham, and so named because he and Abimelech here entered into a compact (Gen. 21:31). On re-opening it, Isaac gave it the same name (Gen. 26:31-33). It was a favourite place of abode of both of these patriarchs (21:33-22:1, 19; 26:33; 28:10). It is mentioned among the “cities” given to the tribe of Simeon (Josh. 19:2; 1 Chr. 4:28). From Dan to Beersheba, a distance of about 144 miles (Judg. 20:1; 1 Chr. 21:2; 2 Sam. 24:2), became the usual way of designating the whole Promised Land, and passed into a proverb. After the return from the Captivity the phrase is narrowed into “from Beersheba unto the valley of Hinnom” (Neh. 11:30). The kingdom of the ten tribes extended from Beersheba to Mount Ephraim (2 Chr. 19:4). The name is not found in the New Testament. It is still called by the Arabs Bir es-Seba, i.e., “well of the seven”, where there are to the present day two principal wells and five smaller ones. It is nearly midway between the southern end of the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean.


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