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of, like, or abounding in beer:
a stale, beery smell.
affected by or suggestive of beer:
beery exuberance; beery breath.
Contemporary Examples

Finally, he waved—a quick flip of his right hand—and the cart wheeled around, the beery bleachers still chanting “A-LI!”
The Stacks: The True Greatness of Muhammad Ali Peter Richmond February 22, 2014

Historical Examples

Catherine thought as she cordially grasped the hand of a beery object in the dark corner of the hall.
A Book of Bryn Mawr Stories Marian T. MacIntosh

“Because he can speak, of course,” said the beery gentleman.
The Shellback’s Progress Walter Runciman

And since cheese is only solid milk, and the Cheddar is noted for its beery smell, there is further affinity here.
The Complete Book of Cheese Robert Carlton Brown

There were beery chuckles from the reporters who were “covering” this effort.
The Magnificent Montez Horace Wyndham

Well, my republican, you are better, although the beery loyalist has left his mark upon you.
The Revolution in Tanner’s Lane Mark Rutherford

I have pleasant associations with the place, quite independent of the beery ones.
Modern Essays John Macy

And so you will never know how she, the beery woman with the tangled blond hair, was once a girl on a farm in far-off New Jersey.
From Sea to Sea Rudyard Kipling

I will even lunch with you at the station—a station steak and a beery table.
The Vultures Henry Seton Merriman

It’s the storm may come on again waur nor ever, and mak it impossible to beery her for a month!’
Heather and Snow George MacDonald

adjective beerier, beeriest
smelling or tasting of beer
given to drinking beer

1848, from beer (n.) + -y (2). Related: Beerily; beeriness.


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