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to be proper or appropriate for; suit; fit:
His clothes befit the occasion.
Contemporary Examples

Arrogance and party political calculations with an eye to the next election do not befit the gravity of the moment.
Greece on the Brink of Financial Abyss as Syriza Party Weighs Default John Psaropoulos May 11, 2012

Historical Examples

When I shall have seen his answers, and the reasons he advances, I shall give order that such measures be taken as may befit.
The Historical Nights’ Entertainment Rafael Sabatini

Here be lilies in the cheeks, and not roses such as befit a bonny bride.
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Howard Pyle

She was attired in costly stuffs of deep and warm colours, such as befit the winter and the snow.
The Black Arrow Robert Louis Stevenson

More fierceness in his eye than befit the man or the occasion.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 108, May 18th, 1895 Various

Much as she loved him she must remember now that such outward signs of love as these would not befit her.
The Vicar of Bullhampton Anthony Trollope

For, deeply as I think, I cannot see in myself any worth that this height of favour may befit.
The Kadambari of Bana Bana

But there are a hundred pretty appellations that befit a maiden.
Sea-Dogs All! Tom Bevan

Some few drifted far adown the stream, as did befit their weariness.
The Nibelungenlied Unknown

Shall the son of peace (that is, a Christian), he asks, act in battle when it will not befit him even to go to law?
Military Manners and Customs James Anson Farrer

verb -fits, -fitting, -fitted
(transitive) to be appropriate to or suitable for

mid-15c., from be- + fit (v.). Related: Befitted; befitting.


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