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adorned or decorated with flowers.
Historical Examples

It was already crowded here, and his first impression was of a mass of silk hats and beflowered millinery rather than of pictures.
An Engagement of Convenience Louis Zangwill

She expected a light silk, and kid gloves, and a beflowered hat.
The Girl from Montana Grace Livingston Hill

She spent her time in beflowered corners, or remote drawing-rooms, with Geoffrey Cliffe.
The Marriage of William Ashe Mrs. Humphry Ward

Magic stories had been told of him, beflowered with dramatic detail.
The Shuttle Frances Hodgson Burnett

Like the other rooms this was beflowered for the party and scant of furniture, for dancing purposes.
The Luminous Face Carolyn Wells

Her white dress and big, beflowered hat looked as cool and as new as June itself.
The Wishing Moon Louise Elizabeth Dutton

He lay a while, gazing at the beflowered ceiling of the great four-post bed, and by and by his voice came sighing.
Ainslee’s magazine, Volume 16, No. 2, September, 1905 Various

She did so, and revealed a pincushion, but a pincushion so befrilled and belaced and beflowered one could scarce tell what it was.
Marjorie at Seacote Carolyn Wells

Even the Gay Lady’s trunk was clad in a trim, beflowered cover of linen, and looked a part of the place.
A Court of Inquiry Grace S. Richmond

It is time to close a work which we have woven, like a crown from a beflowered and variegated field, and which we offer to Muses.
Essays and Miscellanies Plutarch


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