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at or toward the rear of:
Look behind the house.
not keeping up with, later than; after:
behind schedule.
in the state of making less progress than:
We can’t afford to fall behind our competitors.
on the farther side of; beyond:
behind the mountain.
originating, supporting, or promoting:
Who’s behind this program?
hidden or unrevealed by:
Malice lay behind her smile.
at the controls of:
behind the wheel of a car.
at or toward the rear; rearward:
to lag behind.
in a place, state, or stage already passed.
in arrears; behindhand:
to be behind in one’s rent.
slow, as a watch or clock:
more than 20 minutes behind.
as a cause or often latent feature of:
Behind their harassment lay the traditional fear of foreigners.
in a situation that exists afterward:
The victim left behind a large family.
Archaic. in reserve; to come:
Greater support is yet behind.
the man behind.
Informal. the buttocks.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

Symposium Plato
A Prisoner of Morro Upton Sinclair
Jack O’ Judgment Edgar Wallace
A Prisoner of Morro Upton Sinclair
The Martian George Du Maurier

in or to a position further back than; at the rear of; at the back of
in the past in relation to: I’ve got the exams behind me now
late according to; not keeping up with: running behind schedule
concerning the circumstances surrounding: the reasons behind his departure
backing or supporting: I’m right behind you in your application
in or to a position further back; following
remaining after someone’s departure: he left it behind
in debt; in arrears: to fall behind with payments
(postpositive) in a position further back; retarded: the man behind prodded me
(informal) the buttocks
(Australian rules football) a score of one point made by kicking the ball over the behind line between a goalpost and one of the smaller outer posts (behind posts)

behind bars
behind closed doors
behind in
behind someone’s back
behind the eight ball
behind the scenes
behind the times
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