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a continuously bending line, without angles.
the act or extent of curving.
any curved outline, form, thing, or part.
a curved section of a road, path, hallway, etc.
Railroads. a curved section of track: in the U.S. the curve is often expressed as the central angle, measured in degrees, of a curved section of track subtended by a chord 100 feet (30 meters) long (degree of curve)
Also called curve ball. Baseball.

a pitch delivered with a spin that causes the ball to veer from a normal straight path, away from the side from which it was thrown.
the course of such a pitched ball.

a graphic representation of the variations effected in something by the influence of changing conditions; graph.
Mathematics. a collection of points whose coordinates are continuous functions of a single independent variable.
a misleading or deceptive trick; cheat; deception.
Education. a grading system based on the scale of performance of a group, so that those performing better, regardless of their actual knowledge of the subject, receive high grades:
The new English professor marks on a curve.
Compare absolute (def 10).
a curved guide used in drafting.
to bend in a curve; cause to take the course of a curve.
to grade on a curve.
Baseball. to pitch a curve to.
to bend in a curve; take the course of a curve.
having the shape of a curve; curved.
ahead of / behind the curve, at the forefront of (or lagging behind) recent developments, trends, etc.
throw (someone) a curve,

to take (someone) by surprise, especially in a negative way.
to mislead or deceive.

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a continuously bending line that has no straight parts
something that curves or is curved, such as a bend in a road or the contour of a woman’s body
the act or extent of curving; curvature

a system of points whose coordinates satisfy a given equation; a locus of points
the graph of a function with one independent variable

a line representing data, esp statistical data, on a graph: an unemployment curve
ahead of the curve, ahead of the times; ahead of schedule
behind the curve, behind the times; behind schedule
short for French curve
to take or cause to take the shape or path of a curve; bend

v. curved, curv·ing, curves
To move in or take the shape of a curve.

see: throw a curve


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