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a kingdom in W Europe, bordering the North Sea, N of France. 11,779 sq. mi. (30,508 sq. km).
Capital: Brussels.
Historical Examples

Catalogue of books on philately in the Public Library of the city of Boston Anonymous
A History of Bibliographies of Bibliographies Archer Taylor
The Blind Lion of the Congo Elliott Whitney
A Journal From Our Legation in Belgium Hugh Gibson
The Blind Lion of the Congo Elliott Whitney
Lord Lyons: A Record of British Diplomacy Thomas Wodehouse Legh Newton
Into the Jaws of Death Jack O’Brien
The Blind Lion of the Congo Elliott Whitney
The Blind Lion of the Congo Elliott Whitney
The Blind Lion of the Congo Elliott Whitney

a federal kingdom in NW Europe: at various times under the rulers of Burgundy, Spain, Austria, France, and the Netherlands before becoming an independent kingdom in 1830. It formed the Benelux customs union with the Netherlands and Luxembourg in 1948 and and was a founder member of the Common Market, now the European Union. It consists chiefly of a low-lying region of sand, woods, and heath (the Campine) in the north and west, and a fertile undulating central plain rising to the Ardennes Mountains in the southeast. Languages: French, Flemish (Dutch), German. Religion: Roman Catholic majority. Currency: euro. Capital: Brussels. Pop: 10 444 268 (2013 est). Area: 30 513 sq km (11 778 sq miles)

Note: Headquarters for the EU and for NATO.


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