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to make mean; demean; debase (usually used reflexively).
Historical Examples

“Nothing of the kind,” cried Lavinia, furious that her mother should think she would so bemean herself.
Madame Flirt Charles E. Pearce

One regrets, in reading them, that genius could so bemean itself.
The London Mercury, Vol. I, Nos. 1-6, November 1919 to April 1920 Various

I cannot make out why my family always try to bemean what affects me!
The Mesmerist’s Victim Alexandre Dumas

The most loathsome reptile, rolling in the slush and slime of its stagnant pool, would not bemean itself thus.
Plain Facts for Old and Young John Harvey Kellogg

Laws, Miss Laura, you don’t mean to say as you’d bemean yourself by taking any heed of such low rubbish as that?
Henry Dunbar M. E. Braddon

He was fighting for his life, and no eye could bemean that effort.
The Strength of the Pines Edison Marshall

a less common word for demean1


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