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an utterance of good wishes.
the form of blessing pronounced by an officiating minister, as at the close of divine service.
a ceremony by which things are set aside for sacred uses, as a church, vestments, or bells.
(usually initial capital letter). Also called Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. a service consisting of prayers, at least one prescribed hymn, censing of the congregation and the Host, and a blessing of the congregation by moving in the form of a cross the ciborium or monstrance containing the Host.
the advantage conferred by blessing; a mercy or benefit.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

Faustus Friedrich Maximilian von Klinger
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Catholic World, Vol. XIII, April to September, 1871 Various
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an invocation of divine blessing, esp at the end of a Christian religious ceremony
a Roman Catholic service in which the congregation is blessed with the sacrament
the state of being blessed


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