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wearing eyeglasses.
Contemporary Examples

There is a bespectacled born-again waving his hands in the air.
Sasha Grey on Her Secret ‘True Detective’ Cameo, ‘Open Windows,’ and the Duke Porn Star Backlash Marlow Stern March 11, 2014

I remember a small, bespectacled man with a kindly nature, more poet than professor.
Inside New York’s New Four Freedoms Park: A Private Tour Lynn Sherr September 22, 2012

The slight, bespectacled 20-something knew the neighborhood better than I did or any diplomat at the American Embassy.
Send in the Marines—and the Anthropologists too? John Kael Weston August 22, 2013

Or maybe the bespectacled ex-“Dear Leader” was just a really big South Park fan.
Kim Jong Un, Avert Your Eyes: Sony’s ‘The Interview’ Gets the Porn Parody Treatment Aurora Snow December 19, 2014

The seizing of an American reporter was only a matter of time, and the bespectacled and disheveled Ostrovsky was a prime target.
Putin’s Men in Ukraine Seize U.S. Journalist Jamie Dettmer April 22, 2014

Historical Examples

Stout and bespectacled, he proved a delightful guest and Dr. Austin displayed a gift for comic songs that brought the house down.
The Forbidden Trail Honor Willsie

Then she favored the bespectacled driver with a surprised stare.
Ruth Fielding In the Red Cross Alice B. Emerson

The train had not quite halted when the door was torn open, and a bespectacled, red-faced officer glared in.
The Day of Wrath Louis Tracy

The superintendent proved to be a woman, shrewd, keen-faced, and bespectacled.
The Long Day Dorothy Richardson

Scott, are you going to take all those sausages and muffins, you bespectacled ruffian!
The Danger Mark Robert W. Chambers

wearing spectacles

1742, past participle adjective from be- + spectacles.


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