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a past participle of bespeak.
to ask for in advance:
to bespeak the reader’s patience.
to reserve beforehand; engage in advance; make arrangements for:
to bespeak a seat in a theater.
Literary. to speak to; address.
to show; indicate:
This bespeaks a kindly heart.
Obsolete. to foretell; forebode.
Contemporary Examples

“When you’re a smaller brand, you have to take advantage of these opportunities,” said Liam Fayed of menswear label bespoken.
The Future of Fashion Week Renata Espinosa September 18, 2009

Historical Examples

A few days afterward, Mr. Vincent went to Gray, the jeweller, for some trinkets which he had bespoken.
Tales And Novels, Volume 3 (of 10) Maria Edgeworth

Bartemy and I have bespoken an eel pie and a gallon of humming cider of Normandy.
The Golden Dog William Kirby

“It is all bespoken, every thing that you bring,” she said to the Scotchman.
The Old Market-Cart Mrs. F. B. Smith

I have bespoken a Miscellany: what would you have me do more?
The Journal to Stella Jonathan Swift

Cecilia looked startled; she was well aware that Helen did not know the high price of what she had bespoken.
Helen Maria Edgeworth

Mr. Wilton’s conversation, you see, is all bespoken already.
The Making of a Prig Evelyn Sharp

Every team in Rosewater was bespoken for the distinguished occasion, and the reports of the weather bureau were consulted daily.
Ancestors Gertrude Atherton

If my heart were not bespoken, I’m sure I should give it to her.
Mildred Arkell, (Vol 1 of 3) Ellen Wood

The strangers’ room at all the clubs has been bespoken this night for weeks.
Mirk Abbey, Volume 2(of 3) James Payn

verb (transitive) -speaks, -speaking, -spoke, -spoken, -spoke
to engage, request, or ask for in advance
to indicate or suggest: this act bespeaks kindness
(poetic) to speak to; address
(archaic) to foretell

Old English besprecan “speak about, speak against, complain,” from be- + sprecan “to speak” (see speak). A common Germanic compound (cf. Old Saxon bisprecan, Dutch bespreken, Old High German bisprehhan, German besprechen); originally “to call out,” it evolved a wide range of meaning in English, including “speak up,” “oppose,” “request,” “discuss, “arrange,” and “to order (goods)” (1580s).

The connection of the senses is very loose; some of them appear to have arisen quite independently of each other from different applications of BE- pref. [OED]


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