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Beta particle

an electron or positron emitted from an atomic nucleus in a certain type of radioactive decay.
Historical Examples

A Brief Account of Radio-activity Francis Preston Venable

a high-speed electron or positron emitted by a nucleus during radioactive decay or nuclear fission
beta particle
A high-speed electron or positron, usually emitted by an atomic nucleus undergoing radioactive decay. Beta particles are given off naturally by decaying neutrons in radioactive atoms and can be created in particle accelerators. Beta particles have greater speed and penetrating power than alpha particles but can be stopped by a sheet of aluminum that is 2 to 3 mm thick. See more at radioactive decay.


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    beta radiation beta radiation [(bay-tuh)] Note: Beta radiation, unlike alpha radiation, has some penetrating power and can pass through clothing and wooden walls.

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    a stream of beta particles. Historical Examples The Breath of Life John Burroughs noun a stream of beta particles beta ray A stream of beta particles.

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