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Bevel-faced hammer

a riveting hammer having an oblique face.


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  • Bevel

    the inclination that one line or surface makes with another when not at right angles. a surface that does not form a right angle with adjacent surfaces. Compare chamfer. (of a lock bolt) the oblique end that hits the strike plate. (of a lock with a beveled bolt) the side facing in the same direction […]

  • Bevel gear

    a gear having teeth cut into a conical surface, usually meshing with a similar gear set at right angles. Historical Examples Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II Joshua Rose Aviation Engines Victor Wilfred Pag Motion Picture Operation, Stage Electrics and Illusions Henry C. Horstmann Aviation Engines Victor Wilfred Pag Physics Willis Eugene Tower Modern […]

  • Bevel joint

    a miter joint, especially one in which two pieces meet at other than a right angle.

  • Bevel siding

    siding composed of tapered pieces, as clapboards, laid with the thicker lower edge of any piece overlapping the thinner upper edge of the piece below it.

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