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extremely confusing:
a bewildering schedule of events.
to confuse or puzzle completely; perplex:
These shifting attitudes bewilder me.
Contemporary Examples

They have to contend with a bewildering Washington bureaucracy.
Patients, Not Government, Can Fix Health Care John Barrasso November 20, 2009

Yet, it is still routine to see a bewildering insistence on defeat.
Defeating the Arab Spring Syndrome of Self-Defeat Talal Alyan October 14, 2013

After this scene takes place, there are 500 more pages of bewildering plot turns.
The Future of Twilight Natasha Vargas-Cooper June 30, 2010

But purely from a policy perspective, it is a bewildering pattern.
Why Does Spain Love Gay Marriage But Hate Abortion? Emily Shire March 6, 2014

The new AMC series Turn, which premieres April 6, is bewildering at first.
‘Turn,’ AMC’s New Series About America’s First Spy Ring, Is A Visually Arresting Historical Epic Marlow Stern April 5, 2014

Historical Examples

In front of the booths, drums were beaten and instruments played in bewildering discord.
Saunterings Charles Dudley Warner

No lawful passion can ever be so bewildering or ecstatic as an unlawful one.
Malbone Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Her face was glowing, her eyes sparkling, and she was a bewildering vision of beauty and happiness.
The Masked Bridal Mrs. Georgie Sheldon

The case of Yates was by all odds the most complex and bewildering of the four.
In the Midst of Alarms Robert Barr

The wide thoroughfare running along the waterfront presented a scene of bewildering confusion.
The Secret Wireless Lewis E. Theiss

causing utter confusion; puzzling
verb (transitive)
to confuse utterly; puzzle
(archaic) to cause to become lost

1680s, from be- “thoroughly” + archaic wilder “lead astray, lure into the wilds,” probably a back-formation of wilderness. An earlier word with the same sense was bewhape (early 14c.). Related: Bewildered; bewildering; bewilderingly.


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