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Big boy

an articulated steam locomotive having a four-wheeled front truck, one section of eight driving wheels, a second section of eight driving wheels, and a four-wheeled rear truck.
Contemporary Examples

‘Mad Men’: Jon Hamm’s Penis is Too Big for Clothes, Needs Airbrushing Anna Klassen March 19, 2013
Outcry Over SEAL Matt Bissonnette’s Bin Laden Book Reveals Pentagon Hypocrisy Michael Daly September 12, 2012
Nick Cannon’s Not a Gigolo, But He Had Sex with Kim Kardashian Amy Zimmerman August 21, 2014
Barclays Settlement: The Worst of the Emails Alex Klein July 4, 2012
So Much for Europe’s Superiority Joel Kotkin May 14, 2010

Historical Examples

The Come Back Carolyn Wells
The Manxman Hall Caine
Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great – Volume 12 Elbert Hubbard
Golden Days for Boys and Girls Various
The Life of John Taylor B. H. Roberts

You there; man; mac •A term of address variously used with the intention to challenge, flatter, attract, etc: Want a little fun, big boy? (1910+)
An important man; biggie, big shot: He tried to shake down one of the big boys (1920s+)
An adult male; grown-up man •Most often used in rebuke: Cut that out—you’re a big boy now


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