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Bigmouth buffalofish

a buffalofish, Ictiobus cyprinellus, found in central North America, characterized by a large mouth.


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  • Bigmouth

    a loud, talkative person, especially one who lacks discretion. any of several fishes having an unusually large mouth. Historical Examples Fishes of the Big Blue River Basin, Kansas W. L. Minckley noun (slang) a noisy, indiscreet, or boastful person A person who talks constantly and loudly A person who freely announces personal opinions and judgments; […]

  • Big mouth, have a

    Also, have or be a loud mouth. Be loquacious, often noisily or boastfully; be tactless or reveal secrets. For example, After a few drinks, Dick turns into a loud mouth about his accomplishments, or Don’t tell Peggy anything confidential; she’s known for having a big mouth. [ ; late 1800s ]

  • Bigmouthed

    having a very large mouth. very talkative; loud-mouthed.

  • Big muddy river

    a river in SW Illinois, flowing SW into the Mississippi. About 120 miles (195 km) long.

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