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a bicycle.
a motorbike.
a motorcycle.

Harness Racing. a sulky with tires like those of a bicycle.
to ride a bike:
I bike to work.
get off one’s bike, Australian Informal. to lose control of oneself or become angry.
Contemporary Examples

American Wilderness Faces the Firing Squad Doug Peacock July 5, 2014
Biking With the Bard Kara Cutruzzula December 27, 2014
Biking While Drunk Anneli Rufus October 14, 2010
How New York City’s ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Terrorized a Young Family Michael Daly October 1, 2013
Five Smarter Ways to Train Your Heart DailyBurn December 8, 2013

Historical Examples

Shandygaff Christopher Morley
Friendship and Folly Maria Louise Pool
Bikey the Skicycle and Other Tales of Jimmieboy John Kendrick Bangs
The Bicyclers and Three Other Farces John Kendrick Bangs
The Bicyclers and Three Other Farces John Kendrick Bangs

noun, verb
(informal) short for bicycle, motorcycle
(Brit, slang) on your bike, away you go
(Austral & NZ, slang) get off one’s bike, to lose one’s self-control
(slang) a promiscuous woman: the town bike
a wasps’ or bees’ nest
verb (intransitive)
to swarm


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