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the relative position in which a performer or act is listed on handbills, posters, etc.:
A star usually receives billing above the title of the play.
advertising; publicity:
The show was a sellout weeks ahead of the opening because of advance billing.
the amount of business done by a firm, especially an advertising agency, within a specified period of time.
an act or instance of preparing or sending out a bill or invoice.
the total amount of the cost of goods or services billed to a customer, usually covering purchases made or services rendered within a specified period of time.
a statement of money owed for goods or services supplied:
He paid the hotel bill when he checked out.
a piece of paper money worth a specified amount:
a ten-dollar bill.
Government. a form or draft of a proposed statute presented to a legislature, but not yet enacted or passed and made law.
bill of exchange.
a written or printed public notice or advertisement.
any written paper containing a statement of particulars:
a bill of expenditures.
Law. a written statement, usually of complaint, presented to a court.
Slang. one hundred dollars:
The job pays five bills a week.
entertainment scheduled for presentation; program:
a good bill at the movies.

a promissory note.
a written and sealed document.
a written, formal petition.

to charge for by bill; send a bill to:
The store will bill me.
to enter (charges) in a bill; make a bill or list of:
to bill goods.
to advertise by bill or public notice:
A new actor was billed for this week.
to schedule on a program:
The management billed the play for two weeks.
fill the bill, to fulfill the purpose or need well:
As a sprightly situation comedy this show fills the bill.
the parts of a bird’s jaws that are covered with a horny or leathery sheath; beak.
the visor of a cap or other head covering.
a beaklike promontory or headland.
to join bills or beaks, as doves.
bill and coo, to kiss or fondle and whisper endearments, as lovers:
My sister and her boyfriend were billing and cooing on the front porch.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

The Doctor’s Red Lamp Various
Manasseh Maurus Jokai
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 61, No. 378, April, 1847 Various
Miss Mackenzie Anthony Trollope
General John Regan George A. Birmingham

(theatre) the relative importance of a performer or act as reflected in the prominence given in programmes, advertisements, etc
(mainly US & Canadian) public notice or advertising (esp in the phrase advance billing)
money owed for goods or services supplied: an electricity bill
a written or printed account or statement of money owed
(mainly Brit) such an account for food and drink in a restaurant, hotel, etc Usual US and Canadian word check
any printed or written list of items, events, etc, such as a theatre programme: who’s on the bill tonight?
(informal) fit the bill, fill the bill, to serve or perform adequately
a statute in draft, before it becomes law
a printed notice or advertisement; poster
(US & Canadian) a piece of paper money; note
an obsolete name for promissory note
(law) See bill of indictment
See bill of exchange
See bill of fare
(archaic) any document
verb (transitive)
to send or present an account for payment to (a person)
to enter (items, goods, etc) on an account or statement
to advertise by posters
to schedule as a future programme: the play is billed for next week
the mouthpart of a bird, consisting of projecting jaws covered with a horny sheath; beak. It varies in shape and size according to the type of food eaten and may also be used as a weapon
any beaklike mouthpart in other animals
a narrow promontory: Portland Bill
(nautical) the pointed tip of the fluke of an anchor
verb (intransitive)
(of birds, esp doves) to touch bills together
(of lovers) to kiss and whisper amorously
a pike or halberd with a narrow hooked blade
short for billhook
(ornithol) another word for boom1 (sense 4)

A single dollar: Can I borrow a couple of bills until tomorrow? (1910+)
A hundred dollars: I laid out four bills for that shearling (1920s+)
A hundred yards of gain in football: Coach Jackson told me I needed two bills to win (1990s+ Football)


clean bill of health
fill the bill
foot the bill
sell a bill of goods


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