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the commercial exploitation or monopolization of biological or genetic material, as medicinal plant extracts, usually without compensating the indigenous peoples or countries from which the material or relevant knowledge is obtained.
the use of wild plants by international companies to develop medicines, without recompensing the countries from which they are taken


Read Also:

  • Biopolymer

    any polymeric chemical manufactured by a living organism, as proteins and polysaccharides. such a chemical prepared by laboratory synthesis.

  • Bioprocess

    a method or operation of preparing a biological material, especially a product of genetic engineering, for commercial use. to treat or prepare through bioprocess. noting, pertaining to, or involving a bioprocess: bioprocess technology.

  • Biopsychic

    of, relating to, or comprising psychological and biological phenomena.

  • Biopsychology

    a field of psychology that deals with the effects of biological factors on behavior.

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