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a tartrate in which only one of the two acidic hydrogen atoms of tartaric acid is replaced by a metal or positive group; an acid tartrate; a hydrogen tartrate, as sodium bitartrate.
Historical Examples

Poisons: Their Effects and Detection Alexander Wynter Blyth
Cooley’s Practical Receipts, Volume II Arnold Cooley
A System of Practical Medicine by American Authors, Vol. I Various
Detection of the Common Food Adulterants Edwin M. Bruce
Cooley’s Cyclopdia of Practical Receipts and Collateral Information in the Arts, Manufactures, Professions, and Trades…, Sixth Edition, Volume I Arnold Cooley

(not in technical usage) a salt or ester of tartaric acid containing the monovalent group -HC4H4O6 or the ion HC4H4O6– Also called hydrogen tartrate


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