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See under dock4 (def 1).
any of various weedy plants belonging to the genus Rumex, of the buckwheat family, as R. obtusifolius (bitter dock) or R. acetosa (sour dock) having long taproots.
any of various other plants, mostly coarse weeds.
a wharf or pier
a space between two wharves or piers for the mooring of ships
an area of water that can accommodate a ship and can be closed off to allow regulation of the water level
short for dry dock
short for scene dock
(mainly US & Canadian) a platform from which lorries, goods trains, etc, are loaded and unloaded
to moor (a vessel) at a dock or (of a vessel) to be moored at a dock
to put (a vessel) into a dry dock for repairs or (of a vessel) to come into a dry dock
(of two spacecraft) to link together in space or link together (two spacecraft) in space
the bony part of the tail of an animal, esp a dog or sheep
the part of an animal’s tail left after the major part of it has been cut off
verb (transitive)
to remove (the tail or part of the tail) of (an animal) by cutting through the bone: to dock a tail, to dock a horse
to deduct (an amount) from (a person’s wages, pension, etc): they docked a third of his wages
an enclosed space in a court of law where the accused sits or stands during his trial
any of various temperate weedy plants of the polygonaceous genus Rumex, having greenish or reddish flowers and typically broad leaves
any of several similar or related plants
see: in the dock


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