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the fruit, black or very dark purple when ripe, of certain species of the genus Rubus.
the plant itself.
a brand of smartphone optimized for wireless email.
Contemporary Examples

The Next Great Media War Larry Kramer January 3, 2009
Let’s Stop the Twitter Madness Lee Woodruff February 27, 2009
The BlackBerry’s Death Rattle Gets Louder Daniel Gross August 11, 2013
Amazon Stock May Be Up, but the Company Still Doesn’t Make Any Money Daniel Gross October 24, 2013
How Sasha Obama Triggered a Hot Washington Fad Kathleen Parker January 13, 2009

Historical Examples

Graham’s Magazine Vol XXXIII No. 3 September 1848 Various
The Root of Evil Thomas Dixon
More Tish Mary Roberts Rinehart
The Crown of Wild Olive John Ruskin
Fifty-Two Sunday Dinners Elizabeth O. Hiller

noun (pl) -ries
Also called bramble. any of several woody plants of the rosaceous genus Rubus, esp R. fruticosus, that have thorny stems and black or purple glossy edible berry-like fruits (drupelets)

the fruit of any of these plants
(as modifier): blackberry jam

blackberry lily, an ornamental Chinese iridaceous plant, Belamcanda chinensis, that has red-spotted orange flowers and clusters of black seeds that resemble blackberries
verb -ries, -rying, -ried
(intransitive) to gather blackberries
trademark a hand-held device for sending and receiving e-mail


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