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any payment extorted by intimidation, as by threats of injurious revelations or accusations.
the extortion of such payment:
He confessed rather than suffer the dishonor of blackmail.
a tribute formerly exacted in the north of England and in Scotland by freebooting chiefs for protection from pillage.
to extort money from (a person) by the use of threats.
to force or coerce into a particular action, statement, etc.:
The strikers claimed they were blackmailed into signing the new contract.
Contemporary Examples

Mission Accomplished: He Was Right Reza Aslan January 12, 2009
Nice Little Peace Agreement You Have There David Frum June 28, 2012
Keith Olbermann Files a No-Holds-Barred Lawsuit Over Firing by Current TV Howard Kurtz April 4, 2012
The Kardashian Look-Alike Trolling for Assad Noah Shachtman, Michael Kennedy October 16, 2014
‘Telegraph Avenue’: Michael Chabon on His Obsessive Novel of Fandom Josh Dzieza September 10, 2012

Historical Examples

Teaching the Child Patriotism Kate Upson Clarke
Within the Law Marvin Dana
The Innocence of Father Brown G. K. Chesterton
People of Position Stanley Portal Hyatt
Mr. Prohack E. Arnold Bennett

the act of attempting to obtain money by intimidation, as by threats to disclose discreditable information
the exertion of pressure or threats, esp unfairly, in an attempt to influence someone’s actions
verb (transitive)
to exact or attempt to exact (money or anything of value) from (a person) by threats or intimidation; extort
to attempt to influence the actions of (a person), esp by unfair pressure or threats


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