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a flier or other promotional material distributed by a company to sell a product.
Historical Examples

The Proverbs of Scotland Alexander Hislop


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  • Bladder

    Anatomy, Zoology. a membranous sac or organ serving as a receptacle for a fluid or air. urinary bladder. Pathology. a vesicle, blister, cyst, etc., filled with fluid or air. Botany. an air-filled sac or float, as in certain seaweeds. something resembling a bladder, as the inflatable lining of a football or basketball. an air-filled sac, […]

  • Bladder-campion

    a European campion, Silene vulgaris (or S. cucubalus), of the pink family, having white flowers with an inflated calyx. Historical Examples Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 2 of 4: E-M) Various noun a European caryophyllaceous plant, Silene vulgaris, having white flowers with an inflated calyx

  • Bladder-fern

    any of several ferns of the genus Cystopteris, having pinnate leaves and growing in rocky areas. noun a small fern, Cystoperis fragilis, with graceful lanceolate leaves, typically growing on limestone rocks and walls

  • Bladder-kelp

    any of several species of giant kelp bearing prominent flotation bladders.

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