blad/blud/blood, blad being the london pr-nounciation of the word, is not a ”chav” word. it actually comes from jamaica and comes from the meaning of brother, of part of ones blood line, saying that someone is close to them. the word has just been taken on by the inner city ”youts” as part of everyday language.
”wat u sayin blad”

”blaaaad this boy gettin me vex”
slang term meaning -friend- or -bruv-
safe blad, wha gwan
>h-llo friend!how are you today? whats new< meaning brother or friend, derived from the word "blood" meaning close a word of caribbean originwa gwan blad!oi blad, man aint on a hype ting get mewhat you got for me blad?safe bladh-llo there blad, up for a gay old game of polo?man come through and get shank up blad this is the incorrect spelling of the word "blades" from the tune "big pimpin". it is the term used for expensive custom rims. yo, dem blads on your whip is crazy stylin. blad means a friend yes bladgo on my friend 20 inch or larger chrome car wheel rims. big pimpin' on b.l.a.d.'s jay-z russian slang word for prost-tute, cf. b-tch. one of the most commonly used russian swearwords, also a generic expression of disdain (cf. sh-t). blad, you're so fscking stupid! (translated example)

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