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pleasantly gentle or agreeable:
a bland, affable manner.
soothing or balmy, as air:
a bland southern breeze.
nonirritating, as food or medicines:
a bland diet.
not highly flavored; mild; tasteless:
a bland sauce.
lacking in special interest, liveliness, individuality, etc.; insipid; dull:
a bland young man; a bland situation comedy.
unemotional, indifferent, or casual:
his bland acknowledgment of guilt.
Contemporary Examples

Geithner’s Feckless Jobs Remedy Harold Evans July 25, 2010
The Most Offensive Lyrics and WTF Moments From ‘Chinese Food’ Culture Team October 14, 2013
Conan’s Debut Was a Yawn Caryn James June 1, 2009
Crazy Cartography: Artists and Writers Conjure a Slew of Imaginative Maps Lauren Elkin April 12, 2014

Historical Examples

The Two Magics Henry James
The Tragic Muse Henry James
Count Hannibal Stanley J. Weyman
A Little Girl in Old Detroit Amanda Minnie Douglas
Two Wyoming Girls and Their Homestead Claim Carrie L. Marshall
The King’s Mirror Anthony Hope

devoid of any distinctive or stimulating characteristics; uninteresting; dull: bland food
gentle and agreeable; suave
(of the weather) mild and soothing
unemotional or unmoved: a bland account of atrocities


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