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without expression or understanding:
She stared blankly at her inquisitors.
in every respect; totally; fully:
He blankly denied ever saying such a thing.
Contemporary Examples

When My Husband Lost His Memory, I Had to Win His Love Anew Joan Bolzan December 7, 2011
Millions of Refugees from Syria’s War Are Clinging to Life In Toxic Conditions Christopher Looney April 13, 2014
No One Ever Loses to Cancer Dushka Zapata October 7, 2014
Jeremy Hunt Jokes With Queen, Queen Doesn’t Laugh Tom Sykes October 16, 2012

Historical Examples

Cardigan Robert W. Chambers
We’re Friends, Now Henry Hasse
From Farm to Fortune Horatio Alger Jr.
The Web of the Golden Spider Frederick Orin Bartlett
Mammon and Co. E. F. Benson
The Coast of Bohemia William Dean Howells


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