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to set forth conspicuously or publicly; display; proclaim:
The pickets blazoned their grievances on placards.
to adorn or embellish, especially brilliantly or showily.
to describe in heraldic terminology.
to depict (heraldic arms or the like) in proper form and color.
an escutcheon; coat of arms.
the heraldic description of armorial bearings.
conspicuous display.
Contemporary Examples

Ron Paul: Batty Old Reactionary for President Michael Tomasky December 13, 2011

Historical Examples

Our Standard-Bearer Oliver Optic
Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How and Why Martha M. Allen
London Walter Besant
The Handbook to English Heraldry Charles Boutell
Short Studies on Great Subjects James Anthony Froude
The Genius Margaret Horton Potter
The Handbook to English Heraldry Charles Boutell
King Arthur and His Knights Maude L. Radford
The Handbook to English Heraldry Charles Boutell

verb (transitive)
(often foll by abroad) to proclaim loudly and publicly
(heraldry) to describe (heraldic arms) in proper terms
to draw and colour (heraldic arms) conventionally
(heraldry) a conventional description or depiction of heraldic arms
any description or recording, esp of good qualities


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