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blow past


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  • Blow-sky-high

    Destroy by explosion, explode, as in Once the charge is set, get away fast or you’ll be blown sky-high. [ Early 1800s ] Also see: under blow up Refute completely, as in The lab report has blown your theory sky-high. [ Mid-1800s ]

  • Blow-smoke

    blow smoke To boast; brag; exaggerate: copssitting around drinking, blowing smoke, and kidding (1940s+) (also blow smoke up someone’s ass or blow heat) To mislead; confuse; deceive: Anybody who tells you different’s just blowing smoke up your ass (1940s+) To flatter; sweet-talk: Do you mean it, or are you just blowing smoke? (1940s+) To smoke […]

  • Blow-someone-away

    blow someone away To kill; assassinate; get rid of; off: and boom, Jack Blumenfeld gets blown away (1900s+) To defeat utterly; trounce; clobber: And they blew away some of the best long-distance runners in the world To overcome, often with admiration; fracture: I read the book and it blew me away/ The cow connection just […]

  • Blow-someone-off

    blow someone off

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