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another name for blowtorch


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  • Blown

    inflated; swollen; expanded: a blown stomach. destroyed, melted, inoperative, misshapen, ruined, or spoiled: to replace a blown fuse; to dispose of blown canned goods. being out of breath. flyblown. formed by blowing: blown glass. Automotive Slang. (of an engine) supercharged. (of a cylinder) destroyed or severely damaged under mechanical stress. fully expanded or opened, as […]

  • Blown-up

    (of a picture, photograph, image, etc.) enlarged. damaged or destroyed by demolition, explosion, etc.: blown-up bridges. (of a ball, balloon, etc.) inflated. overexpanded; unduly large: a blown-up sense of importance. Contemporary Examples At the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, a Steady Drip of Toxic Trouble Eric Nusbaum February 23, 2013 The 9/11 Scam: New York’s Disability Disgrace […]

  • Blown-out

    blown-out Contemporary Examples Fleeing Israeli Troops, Gaza Muslims Find Refuge in a Christian Church Jesse Rosenfeld July 22, 2014 Who Is Behind Gaza’s Mass Execution? Jesse Rosenfeld July 31, 2014 Egypt’s Church Bombing: Was Al Qaeda Responsible? Liam Stack January 1, 2011 Inside a Syrian Rebel City: FSA Restores Tentative Order to Al Bab Erin […]

  • Blowoff

    a current of escaping surplus steam, water, etc.: The safety valve released a violent blowoff from the furnace. a device that permits and channels such a current. Slang. a person who brags or boasts; a blow-hard. a temporary, sudden surge, as in prices: The Federal Reserve Board’s credit tightening could cause a blowoff in interest […]

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