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an explosion.
a violent argument, outburst of temper, or the like, especially one resulting in estrangement.
Also, blow-up. an enlargement of a photograph.
Contemporary Examples

Has Hillary Clinton Salvaged Deal to Bring Chen to U.S. Temporarily? Howard Kurtz May 3, 2012
The Tea Party Conspiracy Theory Benjamin Sarlin June 22, 2010
Oprah’s Cousin Bashes Book Alex Heard April 21, 2010

Historical Examples

Alarm Clock Everett B. Cole
The Ethical Way Joseph Farrell
The Story of Charles Strange Vol. 1 (of 3) Mrs. Henry Wood
Noble Redman Jesse Franklin Bone
Legacy James H Schmitz

A fit of anger (1800s+)
A quarrel; violent rift between persons (1800s+)
A photographic or other enlargement: He already has a blowup of your proverb on a wall of his breakfast room (1930s+)


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