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green flash.


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  • Blue-flu

    absenteeism among police officers or firefighters who claim to be ill but are in fact absent to support union contract demands or negotiations: so called from the officers’ blue uniforms.

  • Blue-flick

    blue flick

  • Blue-fox

    a bluish-gray winter color phase of the Arctic fox, Alopex lagopus. the Arctic fox in summer pelage. the blue fur of this animal. any white fox fur dyed blue. Historical Examples The Freebooters Gustave Aimard The Freebooters Gustave Aimard The Border Rifles Gustave Aimard The White Scalper Gustave Aimard The White Scalper Gustave Aimard Principles […]

  • Blue-funk

    noun (slang) a state of great terror or loss of nerve A profoundly timorous or nervous state A profoundly depressed state (1860s+ British)

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