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a repeated, jerky movement; bob.
a momentary fumbling or juggling of a batted or thrown baseball.
an error; mistake.
a small ball of fabric usually used decoratively, as in a fringe or other trimming:
a sweater with a line of bobbles up the sleeves.
to juggle or fumble (a batted or thrown baseball) momentarily, usually resulting in an error.
Historical Examples

Free Joe and Other Georgian Sketches Joel Chandler Harris
The Homesteader Oscar Micheaux
Frank Merriwell’s Triumph Burt L. Standish
A List To Starboard F. Hopkinson Smith
The Uphill Climb B. M. Bower
The Man Next Door Emerson Hough
The Wit of Women Kate Sanborn

a short jerky motion, as of a cork floating on disturbed water; bobbing movement
a tufted ball, usually for ornament, as on a knitted hat
any small dangling ball or bundle
(intransitive) (sport) (of a ball) to bounce with a rapid erratic motion due to an uneven playing surface
(US, informal) to handle (something) ineptly; muff; bungle: he bobbled the ball and lost the game


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