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Bewilder or astonish with complexity, novelty, or the like, as in The very magnitude of the Milky Way boggles the mind. The source of this usage is unclear, as the verb to boggle has several other seemingly unrelated meanings—to shy away, to hesitate, to bungle. [ Second half of 1900s ]


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  • Boggled

    to overwhelm or bewilder, as with the magnitude, complexity, or abnormality of: The speed of light boggles the mind. to bungle; botch. to hesitate or waver because of scruples, fear, etc. to start or jump with fear, alarm, or surprise; shrink; shy. to bungle awkwardly. to be overwhelmed or bewildered. an act of shying or […]

  • Boggler

    something, as an amazing fact, puzzle, or riddle, that astounds or defeats: The puzzle was a real boggler.

  • Boghead-coal

    compact bituminous coal that burns brightly and yields large quantities of tar and oil upon distillation.

  • Bogie

    Automotive. (on a truck) a rear-wheel assembly composed of four wheels on two axles, either or both driving axles, so mounted as to support the rear of the truck body jointly. Railroads. (in Britain) a truck that rotates about a central pivot under a locomotive or car. British. any low, strong, four-wheeled cart or truck, […]

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