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not genuine; counterfeit; spurious; sham.
Printing, Journalism. matter set, by union requirement, by a compositor and later discarded, duplicating the text of an advertisement for which a plate has been supplied or type set by another publisher.
Contemporary Examples

A Country House of Fools: Norman Rush’s ‘Subtle Bodies’ Tom LeClair September 9, 2013
A Scandal Habit Joseph Finder August 16, 2009
Rupert Everett Unleashed Kevin Sessums April 5, 2009
What’s in the Kennedy Files? Samuel P. Jacobs June 13, 2010
Sarah Palin Emails Reveal Divorce Jokes, Exhaustion, and Trouble With Levi Johnston February 24, 2012

Historical Examples

The Motor Girls at Camp Surprise Margaret Penrose
The Paliser case Edgar Saltus
Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution L. Carroll Judson
Folkways William Graham Sumner
The Putnam Hall Encampment Arthur M. Winfield

spurious or counterfeit; not genuine: a bogus note

One bogus or machine impressing dies on the coin, with a number of dies, engraving tools, bank bill paper, spurious coin, &c. &c. making in all a large wagon load, was taken into possession by the attorney general of Lower Canada. [Niles’ Register, Sept. 7, 1833, quoting from Concord, New Hampshire, “Statesman,” Aug. 24]

Some trace this to tantrabobus, also tantrabogus, a late 18c. colloquial Vermont word for any odd-looking object, in later 19c. use “the devil,” which might be connected to tantarabobs, recorded as a Devonshire name for the devil. Others trace it to the same source as bogey (n.1).

False; fake; counterfeit; phony (1830s+)
Ignorant; not up-to-date; unattractive; lame, square: ”Bogus” is a different shading of ”lame” (1980s+ Teenagers)
Not to be trusted; useless, false, wrong, silly, incredible, etc (1980s+ Computers)


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