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rough and noisy; noisily jolly or rowdy; clamorous; unrestrained:
the sound of boisterous laughter.
(of waves, weather, wind, etc.) rough and stormy.
Obsolete. rough and massive.
Historical Examples

The Man in the Twilight Ridgwell Cullum
The Bag of Diamonds George Manville Fenn
Armadale Wilkie Collins
A Wayfarer in China Elizabeth Kendall
The Five Jars Montague Rhodes James
Shoe-Bar Stratton Joseph Bushnell Ames
The Meadow-Brook Girls on the Tennis Courts Janet Aldridge
Ester Ried Yet Speaking Isabella Alden
The Innocence of Father Brown G. K. Chesterton
Little Dorrit Charles Dickens

noisy and lively; unrestrained or unruly
(of the wind, sea, etc) turbulent or stormy


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