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a room or area, usually underground, especially reinforced against the effects of bombs, used as a shelter during an air raid.


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  • Bombsight

    (in an aircraft) an instrument for aiming bombs at a target, especially a device that can assume complete control of the aircraft during a bombing run, can automatically compensate for speed, winds, etc., and can guide the release of bombs for maximum accuracy in striking the target. Contemporary Examples The Story of the American Journalists […]

  • Bomb-site

    noun an area where the buildings have been destroyed by bombs

  • Bomb-squad

    a squad or force of police officers or others trained to disarm bombs and other explosive devices. noun

  • Bomb–the

    bomb, the A very long forward pass intended to score a quick touchdown (1960s+ Football) Something wonderful, outstanding, etc (1990s+ Teenagers)

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